The husband and wife couple that have seemingly influenced each other by exploring movement and life on and off the mat.

Tracie creative practice and energy is driven by her experience as a musician, model/actor, and yoga practitioner. She showcases her talent by incorporating key elements to the experience  such as dance, music, athletic conditioning, and breakthrough energy work.

In the beginning Chris’s experience of off the mat functional fitness movements began to observe and incorporate some of the fundamental movements that derive from yoga and martial arts. The epiphany is that there is some true wisdom to some of these movement arts that date back 1000’s of years. Chris explores the body-mind-spirit connection through Eastern and Western training modalities. These modalities include high intensity intervals, functional and strength conditioning, core development, plyometrics, boxing, and primal movement derived from yoga. The unique progression often closes with a brief meditation and breath work to hone focus. This liberating experience is often performed in a natural setting.