“Aeroga is a transformative yoga experience that awakens your body, enlivens your being, and expands your potential through dynamic movement. Tracie Wright Vlaun is a visionary healer and movement artist changing lives and bodies, a heart and mind at a time. Thank you, Tracie, for bringing yourself fully present to life and longevity.”
– Allyson Baker
Yoga Instructor

“AEROGA on the beach with Tracie Wright-Vlaun is one of the best workouts I have ever done. She challenges me to work hard and mixes up the workout each time. I never know what to expect, but I always feel fantastic and eager to come back again and again. I love the combination of cardio and yoga, not to mention her great choice of music. Thanks to Tracie, I feel stronger, healthier and more fit than ever before.”
– Julie Loria

Florida Marlins Owner

“Tracie and Chris don’t just train your body, they train your whole being. They work on you physically, mentally and holistically using everything their vast array of talents have at their disposal. From training barefoot on the beach to intense aerobic workouts by the sea nobody does it better. If you live in Miami or are just in for holiday you have to spend time in their company. Not to be missed.”
– Stephanie Gold

“When I first met Tracie I was at my wits end.  I had tried every type of exercise and diet and just could not shake those last 20 pounds.   I had been working with a trainer 3 times a week for 8 months and had only lost 5 pounds and didn’t feel any stronger or healthier.  Within a month of working with Tracie, I not only lost 10 pounds and felt fitter and stronger than I had in years, but I was also having fun.  For the first time, I found that I liked working out. Aeroga is amazing.  I love the music and the way it makes me feel.  Tracie not only helped me lose weight and become healthier, she helped me understand the connection between my mind, my body and food.  After a year and half and 20 pounds later…Aeroga is one of my favorite things to do.  Its a total body and mind workout where you literally see and feel the results after just a couple sessions.”
– Debbie Castillo

“Taking Tracie’s Aeroga class for the first time I knew I was in for a special experience. I have been practicing all different types of yoga for well over 10 years and this workout has been like no other. Aeroga is an innovative, dynamic, mind, body connection that has opened me up to a whole new possibility of yoga that incorporates a full range of motion and mobility that I have never felt before on a mat. Tracie has taken the normal vinyasas to a whole new level. Her fusion of aerobics into the yoga practice allowed me to experience the ultimate ecstasy from start to finish. This in combination with the flow of energizing music, a beautiful environment, and Tracie’s electric personality and energy has me thirsting for another session on the Aeroga mat that I have yet to find anywhere else. No matter what level of fitness or yoga you might currently be at I highly recommend anyone to jump on board and feel the power of Aeroga. The only thing you might regret is not taking it sooner.”
– Aaron Mastny

“I Love Aeroga. I fly back and forth from NYC to Miami and if there is one thing I wish I had in NYC it’s Aeroga with Tracie and friends. As soon as I travel South she is the first appointment I book for my whole stay. It makes me feel energized and compleate, like I have done a full all encompassing workout everyday! I love doing the moves that target all the areas I need without even realizing what an impact these moves are having. It’s the most concise and best structured plan I have experienced. I have done a lot, but nothing is as much fun and a challenge than Aeroga for me. I’m hooked! It’s a lifestyle now.”
– Margarita Waxman

“I started working with Tracie and Aeroga three years ago.  As a ten year veteran of traditional yoga, I was always bored and feeling somehow under exercised.  I found Aeroga to be an extraordinary workout and so much fun.  I smile through the entire hour of Aeroga and for the rest of the day because of the wonderful way I started my day.  At 67, I am in the best shape of my life thanks largely to Tracie Wright-Vlaun.”
– Larry Levy
Chairman of Levy Restaurants

My husband and I worked out with Chris & Tracie before our wedding in order to look & feel our best before our weekend wedding. We both had amazing results and felt amazing! Tracie also helped combat pre-wedding stress with her energy work after a kick butt areoga session. We love how we looked and would recommend this to anyone who wants to get in the best shape of their lives or maintain a healthy lifestyle!
– Taylor King

I Luv AEROGA!!!! It’s the most invigorating, body shaping, high energy work out that I’ve ever done! Tracie Wright-Vlaun is great, her music’s wonderful, I feel like a million dollars when I leave her class. I’m so happy that I found her!
– Chrissy Reichenbaum

At a crucial time in my life when I was at a crossroads and struggling to maintain my groundedness, center, peace and joy amidst the struggle with those things which sought to steal this from me, I was introduced to Tracie Wight-Vlaun and Luvmeyoga.

At the end of the first session at a time when the instructor is suppose to ask you “how” you are feeling; I was so overcome with “how” I was feeling and awed by the wonderful spark inside that rejuvenated me that I couldnt help but to overflow with expressing what I was experiencing. From that day until now that spark has aided me in staying positive and deflecting all enemies who would seek to steal this marvelous existence. I am truly happier now than I have ever been in my life and can honestly say this will put everyone on the right road to the same peace of heart and mind no matter the age.
– Kim Bennett
Miami, FL

I exercise regularly but rarely took yoga because the classes and the instructors left me wanting more. However, my opinion quickly changed when I took Tracie’s AEROGA class. This class is simply amazing! Tracie created an atmosphere which was full of energy and integrated inspiring music into the workout. I felt exhilarated when the class was finished and could not wait to go back again.
– Dina Goldstein
Executive Assistant
Surfside Police Department

Tracie Wright-Vlaun’s and Aeroga changed my life. Not only has Aeroga changed my body; but also, the concepts that Tracie teaches, through her practice, changed the way I think about myself, and what I put in my body. Her challenging and all-encompassing workout instigates a total body makeover. Because of her encouragement and her relentlessness to want to see a change not only physically and mentally, I fell and perceive my body differently. Every pose; every move is perfectly choreographed and tailored to what my body needs; to better challenge my body and my well-being. Aeroga is the most effective workout available, and I wouldn’t be as happy, as I am today, if it wasn’t for Tracie’s extensive knowledge and utilization of yoga and fitness-Aeroga is amazing!
– Jennifer Kabel