The Girlfriends Getaway at the Loew’s Hotel was AMAZING!!!!!

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Be what you are:

Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly.

… mantra!

Live Authentically

Live authentically. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi,”Purity of life is the highest and truest art.” If we can live authentically in a way that is true to ourselves, this in itself is creative. All you need to do is accept and express who you are.

Personal Thoughts

Master your mind, Master your life. Such an inspiration affirmation. With the chaos of the world around us every day, if you can take the time to “silence” the noise……and see what you want out of life, then you will succeed. There re so many other people out there trying to hold you down. Acting as if they are a thorn in your side….can you see anyone like that in your life? I have a few to tell you the truth. They try to suck, drag, and pull the life out of everything I do. I like to call them Energy Suckers. People that that ,I have discovered, the best way for ME to deal, is to just disconnect and walk away. keep the meetings short, the conversation to a null, and never feed into any of their drama. I personally feel that we all have enough drama in our life, just trying to survive. My favorite catch phrase my friends and I always use when deciding who is good for us, and our families is: ” What am I getting out of this?? friendship??” If I can look at a relationship and see no greatness coming out of it, nothing healing, nothing evolving, then it is time to question the relationship and to remember…SILENCE THE CHAOS. Peace of mind is something you choose. Just like JOY.


What is Aeroga?

AEROGA™ is a pioneering health and fitness practice that reinvents traditional Vinyasa Flow and Aerobics, maximizing advances in our scientific understanding of the body, mind, spirit connection and how each component is vital to the health of the other. AEROGA is structured so that every person, young or old, can engage in a workout that is innovative, powerful, rhythmically enhanced, and spiritually enlightening.

The former ELITE super model, Tracie Wright-Vlaun has taken her own international Power Yoga practice and created AEROGA. This is an Aerobic Vinyasa Flow, focusing on high-energy, high-intensity, body-sculpting poses. In addition to the many health benefits that have already been proven from a regular yoga and exercise routine, AEROGA’s integration of cardiovascular work, meditation and targeted yogic poses stimulates physiological and neurological processes now believed to directly affect health and wellness.

Her extensive knowledge of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety have allowed her to utilize AEROGA’s full potential as a proven therapeutic method for treating these silent and sometimes debilitating disorders. Wright-Vlaun is also in the process of launching a study of AEROGA’s impact on children and individuals living with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHD).

In addition to a remarkable career as a supermodel and entertainer, Tracie Wright-Vlaun uses her extensive knowledge of rhythm and music to deepen her AEROGA practice. Tracie’s client list ranges from Fortune 500 corporate executives, celebrities, pro athletes, world famous models to doctors, teachers, police officers and housewives. All reaping the benefits of the AEROGA; workout and experiencing life-altering changes in their bodies, minds and spirits.

Says Wright-Vlaun “I believe that AEROGA is not simply a gateway to the body you always wanted and never thought you could have. For me, for my clients, AEROGA is a lifestyle. AEROGA is therapy. AEROGA is healing. AEROGA is about liberation bringing strength, power, intensity, balance, excitement and passion together in one dynamic session. AEROGA incorporates and stimulates the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person in a practice that finally brings together areas of wellness that have, for the most, remained separate specialties in the health and fitness worlds.”

Health and Wellness

Visualize a place that you find healing-perhaps your childhood bedroom or a beloved holiday resort. Visit this place in your mind to comfort you when you are sick.