Unleash your potential with a mastery of movement derived from yoga and multiple modality bodyweight exercise – harmoniously driven by the musical journey.


AEROGA FLOW, designed by Tracie Wright‐Vlaun, is an amazing mastery of movement derived from yoga, pilates and a collection of functional bodyweight exercises. The sequence is specifically choreographed to her authentic mix of music that takes you on a journey through decades of timeless classics mixed with the hottest and latest hits.


With AEROGA FLOW you can expect traditional Vinyasa Flow Yoga, dance, pilates, functional bodyweight conditioning, inside/out core power and development. The sequence is a specific formula that is rhythmically charged and spiritually enlightening. AEROGA FLOW is designed to liberate and ignite a vital life-force spark for every person, whether young or old, your left with an unforgettable experience in which you wish to revisit.