Whether you sweat it out to the beat and flow AEROGA MAT, move to the concert size pulse of the AEROGA MASTER CLASS, or take it off the mat with the official cross training version AEROGA X,


AEROGA® MAT, designed by Tracie Wright Vlaun, is her own pioneering health and fitness practice derived from traditional Vinyasa Flow Yoga, along with the exploration of multiple modalities beyond specific isolated practices. Aeroga explores movement and exercise that involves musical choreography, performance, personal expression health and nourishment for the mind and body.


The AEROGA MASTER CLASS is an expanded version of the Aeroga Mat experience in a concert format. When brought to the stage AEROGA® is a powerful, rhythmically driven, and spiritually elevating experience. The 75 minute class explores the heights and depths of energetic ebb and flow propelled by the synergistic cardiographies of the lead instructor, tempo (back-up) instructors, ambient percussionists, and a DJ.


AEROGA X is a multi-modal cross training system, The balanced workout integrates the body-mind-spirit connection through Eastern and Western training modalities. These modalities include high intensity intervals, functional and strength conditioning, core development, plyometrics, boxing, and primal movement derived from yoga. The unique progression often closes with a brief meditation and breath work to hone focus. This liberating experience is often performed in a natural setting.