Luv Me Yoga™

Luvmeyoga offers multidimensional levels of Yoga to private residents in Miami, Florida. Clients are given an energetic, cleansing, strengthening, and relaxing private yoga lesson tailored precisely for each one’s personal needs. Luvmeyoga was founded by Tracie Wright-Vlaun, Miami’s yoga guru and celebrity trainer, and requires that all Luvmeyoga teachers are certified Yoga instructors and Yoga Alliance Qualified. Luvmeyoga staffs the most nurturing, and empowering yoga instructors in Miami Beach. We follow the mantra "Luv You, Luv Me, Luv Yoga."

Luvmeyoga was founded under the premise of finding peace and clarity in a chaotic world. Focusing on finding love with one’s body, purpose, and practice plus using love as the overall strength and clarity in one’s life.

Yoga is a practice that incorporates and benefits the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person. Yoga is about liberation, hence enlightenment. Yoga is a spiritual practice designed to let you connect with your divine nature. Luvmeyoga intertwines energy healing movements with the yoga practice, exhibiting a more balanced, clear, and aligned aura and energy field. Luvmeyoga allows clients from Beginner to Advanced to share in the qualities of a vigorous workout, meditation, and final relaxation.

Luvmeyoga also offers a number of services revolving around natural wellness. Working alongside natural wellness practitioners , Luvmeyoga infuses pampering, relaxation and holistic health and wellness. Luvmeyoga’s reputation is built on passion, luxury, dedication, and quality to each and every one of our clients.

Luvmeyoga recently debuted "LuvMeYoga with Tracie," every weekday mornings on TeleAmerica Broadcasting Network. Allowing everyone the opportunity to practice with Tracie Wright-Vlaun for their very own private daily practice.

Luvmeyoga now offers a Beach Fitness Program called BeFit. Headed by Christopher Vlaun, the BeFit program is for refining men and women of all fitness levels to their ideal, athletic potential. By incorporating movements with natural resistance, nurturing agility, flexibility, strength and power, an individual will begin to transform from the inside out. The sand offers a natural element that triggers aggressive calorie burn while accelerating weight loss and muscle tone.

If you are looking for an opportunity to transform yourself and work with the Celebrity trainers Tracie-Wright Vlaun and Christopher Vlaun, Luvmeyoga is here to take Wellness to another level and to change your life…from the inside out.