Adrenal Support and Guidelines!

Adrenal fatigue is consequence of one lifestyle but let me outline what you should do to have more energy:

1)You can buy the adrenal support.
You need to buy 1 container each and take 1 scoop first thing in the morning and 1 scoop in the afternoon

2)Consume ONLY sprouted grains, breads, legumes and soaked/dried nuts

3)Add some lacto fermented vegetables/beverage in each meal

4)Consume bone stock in soups, added into food or warm it and drink it

5)Consume raw kefir/yogurt/milk/cream, etc..

6)Consume raw kefir first thing in the morning and before bed

7)Go to bed on time and sleep more

8)Avoid coffe until your energy come back to normal


What is AEROGA??

Iyanla Fix My Life Episode 1 on OWN Network

Celebrity trainer Tracie Wright Vlaun has taken her own international Power     Yoga practice and created AEROGA. This is an Aerobic
Vinyasa Flow, focusing on high-energy, high-intensity, body-sculpting poses. AEROGA is structured for every person, young and old,
to engage in a workout that is innovative, powerful, rhythmically enhanced, and spiritually enlightening.
AEROGA brings strength, power, intensity, balance, excitement and passion together in one dynamic session.

Ahhh the BeachLife….

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Strength training……

Real strength……

Strength training and weight loss.

Strength training can definitely help in making you lose weight. This is because, you are building more muscles. Aside from that, while your muscles are trying to recover and get developed, your body actually continues to burn more calories and fats.

Restoring Energy Levels

Exercising consistently can restore your energy level.

If you are constantly feeling sleepy, try taking your exercise up a notch. Exercising can actually make you more energetic. The thought alone can make you more motivated to hit the gym and start working out.