If you want to know what Spirituality is , then you need to know what love is. Love is all there is. Luv You, Luv Me, Luv Yoga.


“People who are perfect leave no trace of their actions,”says the Taoist philosopher Chuang Tzu. All virtues are crowned by their own humility.

Seeing the Obvious

Peace comes not from disengagement with the world but from seeing what needs to be done and acting in the light of that perception.

Speaking your Truth

The Greek Philosopher Socrates spent his life using rational logic to challenge the norms of his society. Even with his life at stake, he refused to conform, determined to uphold what he knew to be true. Approach your own life with a similar attitude. Probe beneath the surface of supposed “truths” presented to you by others as you search for your own truth.

Affirmation Today

“I rest in tranquility and divine grace. In this moment, I am calm, happy, and fulfilled.”

Food tips!

Tip: For athletes training in the heat here in Miami, a simple tip is to add Himalayan crystal salt into your diet to avoid dehydration. Not table salt though. Pink Himalayan Crystal salt acts as a catalyst in the intake of other nutrients. Enjoy!