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Changeless Spirit

” I rejoice in the spirit, which is changeless. I am happy in my loving independence of the material world.”


Luvmeyoga is conducting a 8 week depression study combining AEROGA and psychiatric therapy. If you know anyone interested in beginning the Fall study course, please feel free to contact


TIME MASTERY —- Time is our most important commodity. Time mastery is life mastery. Time mastery allows you more time to do the things you love to do, the things that are truly meaningful to you. Guard time well. It is a non-renewable resource. To master time, be priority driven.


Sign up today to start your summer with a detox program by LUVMEYOGA!! Booking in advance is advised. Contact and get a jump start on feeling balanced, focused, and living a healthier lifestyle!

AEROGA Packages being offered in Miami Beach!

Get-Ripped Yoga Retreat for Him* (1-3 days)
This retreat is not for the faint of heart. You will experience yoga as you’ve never experienced it before which will make the spa treatments that much more luxurious and indulgent when you finally have time to rest!
This retreat includes a different kind of yoga-Aeroga-an aerobic power Vinyasa style yoga that concentrates on body sculpting and a high energy, cardio workout. This “get skinny quick” or “get-ripped” workout will provide results! Every pose is a challenge that will leave you with better endurance, strength and flexibility; with the added benefits of weight loss, meditation and overall emotional and mental clarity. This workout is intense-you will not walk away without feeling the burn! After an intense yoga session you can look forward to core training with a Personal Trainer. Enjoy kayaking on the beach or at one of the local parks. Come back to your resort and satisfy your pallet with an Organic food menu* and a wellness consultation.
Don’t worry, though, your weekend won’t be all work and no play… enjoy luxurious spa treatments: LuvMe-LuvYou facials, your choice of LuvMeDeeply-Deep Tissue Massage, or LuvMeSweetly-Swedish Massage; and UltimateLuv manicure and pedicure. Also included in this package is spray tanning- a completely safe method of self-tanning that gives the look of a beautiful golden tan, without the worry of your skin absorbing harmful UV Rays. This easy process can be done through the utilization of an airbrushing booth or through a certified technician, who will airbrush the self-tanning serum, on to the body, to allow for a flawless, beautiful tan.
Leave Miami looking ripped and tan!