Aeroga is a mastery of movement derived from yoga and multiple modality bodyweight exercise – harmoniously driven by the musical journey. The unique training system is the perfect blend of  Yoga, dance, breaking, power moves, Pilates, core and interval training. The sequence is a proven formula that is choreographed to the hottest music mixes all developed by the noted fitness professionals Tracie and Christopher Vlaun.

Tracie Wright Vlaun, a former ELITE super model, is a classically trained musician that meticulously choreographs her sequences paring it to her own original playlists. In addition to the many health benefits that have already been proven from a regular yoga and exercise routine, AEROGA’s integration of cardiovascular work, meditation and targeted poses stimulates physiological and neurological processes now proven to directly affect health and wellness.

“AEROGA incorporates and stimulates the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person in a practice that finally brings together areas of wellness that have, for the most, remained separate specialties in the health and fitness worlds.” -Tracie Vlaun

“What’s amazing about Aeroga is all of the many benefits. Along with burning fat, you’ll also develop more flexibility and balance while getting much more lean and defined. Don’t expect to bulk up, but you’ll definitely be much stronger. And all of these benefits come from using your own body weight, rather than machines or heavy weights.” – Chris Vlaun